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What brings me here

I am a big advocate of the Growth Mindset.  I have stretched, challenged, and re-invented myself in pursuit of growth. Few months after high school, I dropped out of college to pursue my undergrad and Chartered Accountancy, both on a distance education model. My journey was challenging since good counsel wasn't easily available or accessible.  I had to hustle hard to teach myself, find the best mentors, seek good role models, and choose the right professional paths. I often received advice, a lot of which boxed my aspirations calling them "impossible" , "beyond reach", "unconventional", or "too hard". In arriving at the milestones I had set out for, I am glad I challenged the assumptions of others and most importantly my own.  My journey is far from over but my hope along the way is to share my learnings and engage with a community of those striving to become better versions of themselves, professionally and personally.



I am passionate about investing for I love the multi-disciplinary learning of the career and the idea of making money work (why only work for money?) I work for a long-only investment fund called Arga Investment Management, that manages ~$8bn and invests in global equities. Earlier, I was an Equity Research professional at Wall Street in Bank of America, where I covered the largest global banks and asset managers. Previously, I worked as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group, where I worked across a range of industries and functions in India and Europe. I started my career at K.Ramkrish & Co., where I worked on audit and taxation engagements. 



I hold an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School and had a transformative experience attending business school. I finished Chartered Accountancy (Indian CPA equivalent) at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with an All India second and seventh rank. I have a Bachelors degree in Commerce from The University of Madras, where I graduated top of the class.



I enjoy reading, art, writing, public-speaking, fashion, traveling, and cooking. I run a non-profit called Gayathri Foundations to support education.

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